Our garden is perched on top of a natural outcrop of craggy limestone, creating a perfect setting for the many large and small plants that have been planted in its nooks and crannies. We have included pictures of some of them above.  No matter what time of the year you visit there is nearly always something in flower to add a little colour


Known to many as the butterfly plant, it attracts hordes of butterflies to its lightly scented plumes when in flower.The common buddlia is represented by two varieties the white Buddlia ("Davidii "Peace")and the more vivacious purple.


Spreading naturally alongside the roadways is the  more common Crocosmia colour of bright orange which we have, alongside the more vibrant Crocosmia ("Lucifer"). Lucifer is a bright red. In this part of Kerry it nearly takes on the role of National plant during the flowering period of mid August to early September   After living in Australia  for five years we had to include  something that we had in our garden in Perth. The Bottlebrush is at its best when it has had a dry spell before flowering in July Bottlebrush ("Calistemon Rigidus")